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How to Purchase our Credits

The AstroGuidance credits come in units of 10 for the price of $9.95(US). If more credits are required, please increase the "quantity" which is muliple of 10 credits. For Example, if one would like to purchase 30 credits, one would specify the AstroGuidance Credits and a quantity of 3, this is to say, one purchases 3 x 10 credits = 30 credits for; the total of $29.85(US).

Printing your result

Please ensure that you PRINT a copy of this page for your AstroGuidance record. This page is dynamically generated and you can only regenerate this page again by re-invoking the Q&A. (More Credits will be required!!) We recommend that you select Landscape for best printing result.

View Previous Reports

Click on Account Status. On the history of AstroGuidance credits page, select any of your previously calculated results to view, FREE of any additional credit charge.

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