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For thousands of years, people all over the world have relied upon astrology to provide them with an understanding of themselves and the people around them. The planets have an interesting and insightful story to tell about each of us. Have you ever wondered what astrology has to say about your personality? Well, here is your opportunity to find out what our unique analysis of your personal horoscope has to say about you.

Try it today! You'll be amazed at the accuracy of this feature!

The Self Analysis will determine the following:

  • Sabian - A unique astrology which provides you with clues on how to deal with life.
  • Rising Sign - An analysis into your rising sign. New!!
  • Summary - Family, Career, Relationships and Personality summarized in an easy to use guide.
  • Detailed - There are 12 Houses in Astrology representing the entire human experience. Each of them is analyzed here.
  • Chart Wheel - A graphical representation of your natal astrology chart.
  • Houses & Planets - The positions of the Houses and the Planets are calculated and tabulated.

Self Analysis is a personalized feature and will require you to become a member or log in below if you are already a member.
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Personalized features require your unique birth data to function and by creating your own membership profile you gain instant access to our customized reports without re-entering all your birth details.

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