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You define the birth date of the newborn whose personality you would like to analyze.  AstroAdvice will chart the newborn's planets to draw a very accurate astrological analysis. 

Enter the following information about the newborn and click on OK to see your newborn's analysis. You can skip entering the birth time if you don't know it. Having the exact birth time will enhance the accuracy of the AstroBaby Analysis.

His/Her Name:
His/her Birth Date:
Month   Day   Year

The Time he/she was born:
If you know their time of birth, please enter it below:
I don't know his/her birth time
I know his/her birth time...
Hour   Minute

Birthplace Information:

The Newborn's Country of birth:

The state/province the newborn was born in:
(For Canada and US only)

Click here to continue

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