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Site:  AstroAdvice.com
Aimed at highly educated and affluent women, AstroAdvice delivers daily personalized astrology readings to our 1,000,000 members. Based on leading edge proprietary software, astrology reports are generated instantly online in ‘real’ time. More popular site features include LoveScopes, FinancialScopes, Compatibility Analysis, Year 2000 in Review, Baby Analysis and much more. With the growing U.S. demand for daily engaging and entertaining content women are driving the growth of this popular site.


  • 1,000,000 + registered members
  • 7 million monthly page views 
  • Rank by Alexa Rating Systems as the ‘Most Visited’ Independent  Astrology site in the world!
Users: 69% female members
51% between 20 – 37 years of age
42% household income between 76,000 - 200,000
23% household income between 51,000 – 75,000
68% have a University or Post Graduate Degree
Source: User Survey January, 2000
Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Targeted Sponsorship Campaigns include combinations of banners, buttons and text links.
  • Email Sponsorships
    Monthly Newsletter – (500,000 sent monthly) 
    (Partner Network Program: Each month we’ll include information and a text link to your site and recommend our user to visit)
  • Birthday Emails – (50,000 + sent monthly) 
    (Send your message out daily to users celebrating a birthday. Only relevant advertising is approved for these highly targeted messages.)
  • AstroAlerts (35,000+ email readings sent daily) $10/CPM

Our premier content provider Eugenia Last is represented by Universal Press and recognized as the most widely syndicated astrologer in the world!

The Market

"Women will lead men in Internet access 60% to 40% by 2002"
         NetSmart America

"Women control 80% of all purchasing decisions"
          Procter & Gamble

"58% of new Internet users in the US are women."
         NetSmart America

The Net Result

As Microsoft’s WebTV exclusive astrology provider AstroAdvice is ranked as the 2nd most popular content partner out of 100 provider sites.

Our astrology content outperformed:  Amazon(7), Yahoo(10), TVGuide(16), and Ebay(21). 

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